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Who We Are

Applied Mathematics Practices (AMP21) is a Non-Profit developer and provider of curriculum that is aligned with the eight Standards for Mathematical Practice in the Common Core State Standards. Our team has published two textbooks for high school 1) Algebra and Mathematical Modeling and 2) Probability and Mathematical Modeling. Our new curriculum development focuses on middle school topics central to proportional reasoning: percentages, rates, ratios and proportions. Everything is presented in authentic problem contexts that involve making decisions.

Wayne State

Discovering AMP

“When will we ever use this?” AMP21 has the answer! Our curriculum starts with real-world problem contexts, making the material interesting and relevant to students. Each problem stems from actual issues faced by governments, corporations, and everyday people, showing first-hand how students can use mathematics to make better decisions, and to solve real-world challenges!


Request A Workshop

AMP21 offers professional development workshops in conjunction with local universities to help teachers and schools develop the programs needed to enable students to succeed in the global economy. If you are interested in hosting a professional development workshop for you and up to 30 local teachers, reach out today!

Wayne State

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